Minimalism | How to live clutter free

How to live with less clutter? How to start simple living, minimalist living, or just how to create a clutter free home? Let’s talk about them! In this relaxing video, I share 5 ways for creating not just a clutter-free home, but a clutter free life.

I love sharing minimalism tips, so welcome to my new video in my minimalism series! Feel free to check out my Minimalism playlist for more inspiration. Looking for tips on how to declutter better? Or daily clutter free habits? Check out my Decluttering & Home playlist as well. There’s lots of clutter free home tips to be found there.

I think minimalist living goes way beyond the physical things we own. It’s an important part, for sure. But we can also use the tools of minimalism, simplicity and intentional living to create a life that’s less meh, more yay. That’s what I wanted to focus on today.

What are your clutter free habits? In your home as well as your life? Share them with me and the rest of us in the comments section.

Lots of love,
🌼 Vera

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