Minimalist living | 25 Benefits of minimalism

Let’s talk about how minimalism can change your life forever. Becoming minimalist can have amazing impacts on your life. I know from experience that if you simplify your lifestyle, and live a less is more kind of life, declutter your home and have a more minimalist wardrobe (to name a few) that your life can change and improve drastically.

Of course, this video is based on my personal experiences. We can all approach minimalism and a simple lifestyle in different ways, therefore our experiences and benefits could be different. But I do think that most people who are interested in how to live minimally will come to experience at least a few of these amazing benefits.

Decluttering is awesome, and I love to make videos sharing minimalism decluttering tips, like my recent how to declutter your closet video (will probably do a how to declutter your bedroom video soon!). Or share videos about how to be a minimalist and save money, or how to be a minimalist for beginners. But that’s not the whole story, if you ask me. Sometimes it’s just nice to take a step back and review just how minimalism can change our life. And I can definitely say it has not only improved my life, but shaped it into a lifestyle that I couldn’t be living if it wasn’t for minimalism.

Lots of love,
🌼 Vera

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