Minimalist living | Things I can now easily live without

Minimalism is about more than decluttering, having a ‘typical’ minimalist home, or about the things I dont buy. It’s not even that much about our stuff, or decluttering tips. I’ve noticed huged shifts in how I live my life, ever since I started living a more minimalist lifestyle. Things and habits that used to demand so much from me, lost their appeal. And they have now become things that I can easily live without. In fact, my life is even better now that I’m not spending my money and time on these things.

Simple living and intentional living can show us more about ourselves, what we truly value. And what we don’t value as much. That’s why I wanted to share this new video in my minimalism series. Not just about how to be a minimalist, or how to save money (although these can be so valuable on their own), but sharing my own personal experiences and how my life naturally shifted and changed on its own.

What is something that you used to do or buy a lot, but you can now easily live without? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for watching everyone, you’re the best!

Lots of love,
🌼 Vera

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  1. Lovely way to start the day. Thank you❤️

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