Simplify your life | 5 Habits for simple living

Life can be hectic and stressful. Here are 5 habits, or mindset shifts, to help you to simplify your life and live a more happy, carefree and stressfree life. Filled with the things you love.

I talk a lot on this channel about how to simplify your life, how to reduce stress and how to embrace living with less (like 10 things to get rid of) to increase happiness. Sometimes I share small practical things you can do to live a minimalist lifestyle and embrace intentional living. These small practical things really add up when we do them consistently. But today, I wanted to go a little deeper and talk about shifting our mindset in ways that contribute to our happiness through simplifying.

We all want to know how to be happy. How to live more, and worry less. How to live minimally and enjoy the things we’re keeping around. For me, the answer often lies in seeking less, not more. The happier we are with our current life, the less we will worry about improving it. The more content we are, the less we will stress about needing more. Going back to what’s essential for us, what adds value. And even more importantly, how to enjoy those things more and more often.

In this video, I talk about living according to your own rules. About saying no more often and experiencing JOMO instead of FOMO. About being focussed on giving, instead of receiving (which fits perfectly with minimalist living). And about taking a step back, and enjoying the present moment. Without worries about the future.

I also mentioned I had a very exciting announcement at the end of this video. The announcement is that I’m currently developing an online course to Simplify your life. It will be a full course that covers many topics of simplifying. Such as simplifying daily routines, simplifying relationships, simplifying goals and commitments, and finding what things to focus on more (and how to do that). Added to this online course will be all the tips I’ve shared about how to simplify your life on this channel, as well as many tips I haven’t shared anywhere else.

Right now I’m still working hard on developing this online course. I’m so excited to share this with you, and I’ll definitely let you know when it’ll be available for purchase and signing up.

Lots of love,
🌼 Vera

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