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Simple happy zen minimalism vera in love with your life -tablet

In Love With Your Life, the 20-week online course

Learn to simplify your life, clear the chaos and create more of what you love in 20 weeks. Simple Happy Zen’s full online course with guided lessons to simplify all big aspects of your life.

Simple happy zen minimalism vera unhurried slow living -tablet

Unhurried, the 30-day slow living program

My 30-day program of daily lessons and inspiring challenges will help you experience the benefits of slowing down in your day-to-day life, even if you’re really busy!

Simple happy zen minimalism vera decluttering ebook -tablet

Simple Happy Zen's Ultimate Decluttering Guide

No matter where you are in your decluttering journey, this 90-page ebook helps you to tackle your clutter and transform your home with helpful tips, checklists and more.


These past 20 weeks have been amazing. Doing the In Love With Your Life course has helped me change my whole outlook on life – spiritually, physically and mentally. I will be forever grateful for the hard work and dedication Vera has put into this course. I have organized my life to make my dream become a reality. Thank you!

Amy, In Love With Your Life, The 20-week online course

This course is an amazing gift which you can give to yourself. Learn to just take care of yourself - your body & soul. Learn to see the beauty of life in all the small details. I have learned so much from this course & will continue living like that, living more happy, thankful and peaceful. A huge 'thank you' to Vera.

Andrea, Unhurried – The 30-day slow living program 

This book really helps not only decluttering, but also understanding why something “goes wrong” in the house, like clutter or difficulty while tidying. Vera explains with clarity how we can understand if something is useful to us, through interesting and unexpected questions. It is like having her next to you, helping you with the right questions and answers!

Laura, Simple Happy Zen’s Ultimate Decluttering Guide


Simple happy zen minimalism vera freebie simplify your life challenge

FREE 7-day simplify your life challenge

Spark ideas and inspiration about how you can simplify and create more of what you love. The daily exercises are short and sweet, and come with a free video series.

Simple happy zen minimalism vera freebie mobile wallpapers

FREE Simple Happy Zen minimalist phone wallpapers

Beautiful and inspiring wallpapers for your phone. There are eight different designs available for you to download, in regular, tall, light and dark mode.

Simple happy zen minimalism vera freebie capsule wardrobe guide

FREE capsule wardrobe checklist

Learn to find which clothing items work best for your preferences and lifestyle. With helpful questions and checklists to build a smaller wardrobe that suits you.